Measures fo covid-19


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1,When you come to KAZE


2,From arrival to leave




4,Current state of KAZE


5,Future activities




<<Notification of business continuity>>

I am Beard HIRO.
We are working as usual.We are undertaking all possible measures to prevent COVID-19 from being infectious.
That makes itis easy to control disinfected envaironment and make safe space without the cluster.
And it is possible defend guests and employees from COVID-19 too.
I will do the below
No cluster,Opening all doors,Useing disposable items,Getting fresh air,Air circulation,Disinfection everything,
and so on…You can confirm our current state of KAZE in HP.
There are pros and cons about our business continuity.But please could you agree to it.
Thank you very much.

Best Regards

We refer to below about COVID-19 :

・CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)in USA

・NIID in Japan


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