Hair color

Hair color

There are many type of medicines to put color into the hair
There are many kind of colors about the medicine we put color .

The base color of the hair is not one.
Black,Yellow, Brown,red brown….and so on.

If you decide the hair color you want ,you have to confirm your base color.

Please image !

There are color papers and color transparency films.

If you put a blue film on a white paper,you can see the blue color.

If you put a blue film on an yellow  paper,you can see the green color.

The base color is very important.

We have to choose and mix Hair dye medicines while we are thinking the base color of the target hair.

We can use many kinds of color medicines when we put color elements into the hair.
There are Hair dye, Color butter, Color gel, Color shampoo,,,and so on.

I explain how to use and mix hair color elements.

I will show it about every Hair color medicine.

Please confirm the below categories and jump to link.

1, Color butter

2, Hair dye

3, Color shampoo

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