EN 道のり、プライス、予約全てパック説明

This is detail of the route to my hair salon “KAZE” .

*It take about 5,6 min by walk from DAIKANYAMA STATION.


1,You can go to north exit.You go out from ticket gate,then turn to the right and you can see suspension bridge which floor made of the tile of glass.Please cross it.

2,you can go to ahead along the road .(It passes through ’ADRESS DAIKANYAM ’and connect with HACHIMAN STREET,This road curves gently towards the right.)

3,You arrival on HACHIMAN STREET. 

4, Please turn to the right and go to ahead along this reoad.You keep to walk untill 2nd TRAFFIC-SIGNAL by [SEVEN ELEVEN convenience store] .

5,Please cross road at 2nd signal on your left .

There is General store is “I’M OK” .https://www.iam-ok.jp/

This shop is just on the other side of the crosswalk from SEVEN ELEVEN convenience store.

6,You go to ahead.You can see Monky cafe on next corner.https://monkeycafe.jp/

Please keep walk along same road.You can find “TRAFFIC-SIGNAL “again.

7,You can find the word of “SARUGAKU” beside TRAFFIC – SIGNAL.

8,Turn to the left and go to ahead only 20m.You can see the three- story BUILDING”on the  right.

9,You can find our salon on the right.The  mark is GREEN PLANT on wall of salon.It is 1st floor.Salon name is KAZE 


Check (^^) below!

KAZE on Google map

If you have time ,check how to come to KAZE.It is google map.

KAZE address

Flora daikanyama 104,Uguisudani-cho 12-3,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo Japan.

LINE app

Line app is comfortable for you. Please add KAZE official line on Line.

Call to KAZE

You can contact and ask.Please talk with TERAO.He can speak English.

Menu & Price

You can check Menu and Price.


You can find cool hair styles on Our Instagram.